Forward Sale Agreements?

Answer Forward sale agreements, or forward contracts, are used mainly for people selling commodities or securities and are primarily used in Sri Lanka. These agreements are an arrangement for a future sal... Read More »

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Forward Pricing Rate Agreements?

A forward pricing rate agreement (FPRA) is a contract between a government entity and a contractor in which certain rates are established for a specified period of time. These rates are projec... Read More »

Short Sale Agreements?

A short sale occurs when a buyer offers to purchase a pre-foreclosure property usually for less than what is owed on the property by the owners. Short sale agreements are legal contracts between th... Read More »

How do i forward landline calls when the call forward feature is unavailable on my landline phone,adaptor?

I am not aware of any hardware that can provide this function. I'm surprised your local provider doesn't offer that feature, it is a really popular feature. You must live in a very rural area!n

Existing mini mart near us for sale. It is currently closed and for sale or lease. what do I need to know?

You need to know why it closed. Don't take the initial answer they give you as the real answer, chances are they were struggling. Now that doesn't mean you will, but you do need to know how it wa... Read More »