Forward Head Posture Problem-- Effects from Studying Etc.?

Answer have her see a young sports related doctorwho can recommend exercises, physical therapy, whatever she needs

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Negative Effects of a Stooped Posture?

A stooped posture can lead to a variety of health problems. Characteristics of a stooped posture include rounding of the upper back, caved shoulders and a tendency to lean forward while walking. St... Read More »

When experiencing a nose bleed is it better to tip head forward or back?

Lean forward see advice at link below.Leaning back can cause blood to go down your throat etc which is not advisable.

Is there any financial aid program for studying in US for studying food technology?

Provided that you can obtain a student visa, most graduate schools will provide you with a stipend (in return for serving as a teaching assistant and then eventually a research assistant if you pur... Read More »

I hit my head four days ago, could there be any effects from that?

Almost sounds like a little itty bitty concussion. You get concerned, you go see a doctor :)