Forties & Fifties Clothing?

Answer Forties and fifties clothing styles reflected the economic conditions of the times, with much of the 1940s spent rationing both food and clothing, making 1940s fashion trends highly conservative. C... Read More »

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Boys' Winter Clothing in the Fifties?

During the winter, boys in the 1950s wore a much dressier style than boys in the 21st century. The clothing style was similar to adult male styles, but with a few minor differences. Many of the sty... Read More »

Hairdos of the Forties?

The 1940s was all about glitz and glamor, and the iconic hairdos of old Hollywood are still worn by starlets today. Although the 1940s were largely defined by World War II, the gorgeous movie actre... Read More »

How to Look Like a Model in Your Forties?

Forty is no longer what it once was. There was a time when 40 meant that a woman gave way to middle-age and began dressing sensibly, for comfort rather than glamor. In modern times, however, peopl... Read More »

How to Know What Makeup is Best for You in Your Forties?

The way we wear our makeup and what cosmetics we wear should reflect our age. What's flattering at age 30 isn't necessarily at 40. Our skin changes and with that our makeup will need to change too.... Read More »