Forties & Fifties Clothing?

Answer Forties and fifties clothing styles reflected the economic conditions of the times, with much of the 1940s spent rationing both food and clothing, making 1940s fashion trends highly conservative. C... Read More »

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Boys' Winter Clothing in the Fifties?

During the winter, boys in the 1950s wore a much dressier style than boys in the 21st century. The clothing style was similar to adult male styles, but with a few minor differences. Many of the sty... Read More »

Hairdos of the Forties?

The 1940s was all about glitz and glamor, and the iconic hairdos of old Hollywood are still worn by starlets today. Although the 1940s were largely defined by World War II, the gorgeous movie actre... Read More »

Hairstyles in the Forties?

During the 1940s, women found themselves leaving home and entering the workforce in the absence of their husbands who were off fighting World War II. Due to tough economic times, women were unable ... Read More »

How to Get a Forties Inspired Hairstyle?

The 1940s was a decade of glamour. Hollywood actresses such as Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly set the tone for elegant couture, makeup and hair. Many contemporary celebriti... Read More »