Forms for Filing an Emergency Divorce in Kansas?

Answer In Kansas, a couple must typically wait at least 60 days before a divorce case is heard. A court may waive the waiting period in certain situations, including remarriage, if one spouse plans to mov... Read More »

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Do I send in W-2 forms when e-filing?

If you are e-filing your tax return yourself, adding the information from the W-2 into the software is similar to attaching the W-2 to your return. You don't have to send in the actual W-2. However... Read More »

What are the forms for filing state income tax?

States gain their revenue by imposing many forms of taxes, such as property, excise, sales, estate and income taxes. When filing your state income tax, the required forms depend on your state.Withh... Read More »

Can you charge fees for filing fmla forms?

On One Hand: Doctors Can Charge Fees for Filling Out FMLA FormsEmployers cannot legally charge fees for filing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms, but doctors can. Doctors are not reimbursed... Read More »

What Forms Do You Send With an Iowa State Tax Filing?

The Iowa Department of Revenue has about two dozen different forms for filing your state income taxes. Most taxpayers, however, won't need more than a handful of them. Though it's not required, the... Read More »