Formated 32GB pen drive only holds 4GB?

Answer Fix:1. Click start > Type 'cmd' > right click > run as administrator2. Type 'DISKPART' and press enter.3. Type 'list disk' and see which number is the USB (look at capacity).4. Type 'select disk 0'... Read More »

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I had formated C drive of my PC after that no Window is install ?

Don't ever format the C drive. By doing this you lose everything including the BIOS. You will need to reinstall the BIOS before anything will work.

I would like to get the ipod touch 32gb but the ipod classic holds more and it's less money which sould i get?

i had the same dilemma. i came to the conclusion that since the touch has more applications and things to do, i would get that as i can hook up to the net, add things, etc. on top of listening to m... Read More »

I my 32gb flash drive slow can only download to it at 1.7-2.6mb/sec?

is it USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 ? Also the USB port it's plugged into, same question.

How many song files can a 32GB flash drive hold?

Around 8,000 average length songs will fit on a 32GB flash drive.