Formal Letter Writing in Spanish Activities?

Answer Learning how to compose formal letters in Spanish is an invaluable skill for any student of Spanish, especially for one who wishes to enter into business relations with Spanish-speaking companies.... Read More »

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Activities for Formal Letter Writing?

Formal letter writing is a skill taught in grades six through 12. Formal letters are also called business letters and may appear in units about technical writing. Formal letters follow a distinct f... Read More »

Spanish Letter Writing Activities?

Most people enjoy receiving an actual letter rather an an email, especially if it is a hand-written letter that characterizes the letter writer. If it is also written in another language, it is eve... Read More »

Preschool Writing Activities for the Letter P?

To build a strong foundation for young children to enter school with, it is important to help them understand how to read and write the letters of the alphabet from an early age. While children are... Read More »

Friendly Letter-Writing Activities?

The art of letter writing has been lost amid the soaring popularity of cell phones. No longer do people choose to write when they can simply call. When they do write, grammar, usage and proper form... Read More »