Forgotten wiki password?

Answer Whatever happens - happens for the good. Perhaps the nature and fate did not want you to visit a frivilous and undependable site.

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How to Use a Password Reset Disk if You Have Forgotten Windows Password?

If you forget your password, you can log on to the computer by using a new password you created using the Password Reset Wizard and your password reset disk.

Forgotten Windows XP Password?

Unplug it and remove the battery, then turn it over and remove the memory compartment cover , inside you will see the cmos battery, it looks like a watch battery except a bit larger, remove it and ... Read More »

How to Recover a Forgotten MSN Password?

There are many things that we engage ourselves in and it is not surprising that we even forget our ATM passwords let alone the MSN, Gmail and Yahoo passwords. No matter how hard we try to ensure th... Read More »

Forgotten iPod password?

Take it to a ITunes store or if you have no choice, you have to erase/restart your Ipod again, which will erase all your information