Forgot to take birth control!?

Answer Yes, you can get pregnant. If you miss any more pills, then that makes your chances for pregnancy higher. I think you should defintely get a test if your period doesn't come or you just spot.

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Forgot my birth control patch for a day?

I thin you just increased your chances of a pregnancy by forgetting the birth control patch. Though, chances of pregnancy are minimal, you should change it friday to be safe.

How long does it take for Camila birth control to take effect?

Roughly 24 hours after the Camila is taken, serum levels are at their lowest. However, it is advised that you use another method of birth control for the first two days of taking Camila.Source:Drug... Read More »

My mom won't let me take birth control?

First of all, what Mother wouldn't let their child take the pill? I don't care how old my daughter is when she decides she wants to start taking it (12, 18, 27) she'll be taking it. Much better tha... Read More »

What are be the symptoms of pregnancy while on birth control if your girlfriend recently started birth control and she is experiencing sore breasts and frequent cramps day after day for 4 days?

AnswerBirth control GIVES you pregnancy symptoms. If she thinks she is pregnant she shouldn't be taking birth control any more and should see her doctor to find out.because birth control doesn't he... Read More »