Forgot password for protected sheet on Microsoft Excel!?

Answer Hello, there's two way to recover the data. - One is to copy all the data to another sheet. - The other way is to run a macro to recover the password. Here's how:In Excel, select Tools --> Macro ... Read More »

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Tab key not working on protected Excel sheet?

You forgot to mention which version of MS-Excel, since each one has its own inherent and unique problems. And if you do mention the version, what SP level of updates have been applied.Has the user... Read More »

How do I recover a protected password in Excel 2007?

Download "Excel Key" by buying it from the website. Install the program onto your computer by clicking on the "Setup" icon. Follow all steps provided. After install, open the program and follow all... Read More »

How do I recover an Excel sheet password?

Use Third Party SoftwareDownload a third party password recovery program. A few options are available. (See Resources.) To use the option available on Petri, start by installing the download availa... Read More »

How do I tell if a worksheet is protected in Microsoft Excel 2003?

Open the workbook by double-clicking on the file. If Excel is already open, you may also open the workbook by clicking on "File" and then "Open," and navigating to the location of the workbook. Onc... Read More »