Forgot my nook color passcode?

Answer You could try the support site, or take it in to a B&N store. Here is the site…

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What exactly are the differences between the nook color and the nook tablet?

Hi, Audi, you weren't paying attention - while outside appearance looks similar between Nook Color and the new Nook Tablet (only lighter shade of grey cover on the new device), inside Nook Tablet i... Read More »

I forgot my passcode for my iPod touch?

hold the power button and the control buuton until the apple shows on the screen than let go the power will reset your phone...

What if i forgot my passcode to my ipod touch?

It seems like you will have to restore it which i have researched and seems to be the only way, this will sadly erase all content so if you are willing to put back your music/videos etc.. back, the... Read More »

How do you unlock your iPhone if you forgot the passcode?

I Tried To Unlock My Ipod Touch. My Ipod Didnt Unlock When I Pressed Restore On My Itunes On My Computer . So I Went To The Apple Store By The Mall Of Lousiana And They Restore It And Got The Iphon... Read More »