Forgot my birth control patch for a day?

Answer I thin you just increased your chances of a pregnancy by forgetting the birth control patch. Though, chances of pregnancy are minimal, you should change it friday to be safe.

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Forgot to take birth control!?

Yes, you can get pregnant. If you miss any more pills, then that makes your chances for pregnancy higher. I think you should defintely get a test if your period doesn't come or you just spot.

What is the patch for birth control?

The birth control patch, or Ortho Evra, is a transdermal (meaning "through the skin") contraceptive method, which supplies the body with hormones that prevent pregnancy. Much like other skin patche... Read More »

What is a birth control patch?

The birth control patch is a hormone-based contraception method that is a safe alternative for women who aren't interested in a daily pill. When you know more about the patch, you can decide if it'... Read More »

What is the birth control patch?

Birth control is used to prevent pregnancy in sexually active women. There are several highly effective methods, including barrier, lifestyle and hormonal methods. The Patch is a form of hormonal b... Read More »