Forgive me if I sound stupid, but I'm not exactly an expert at computers...?

Answer Just download, install, and when asked set it as your default browser

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How to Get Your Mom to Forgive You After You Do Something Stupid?

You really love her, nothing is too much. But in case your first plain old boring "I'm sorry" doesn't work, here are steps, tips, and warnings!

Please forgive me for being stupid with this Smartphone question?

A smart phone is basically a pocket sized computer which has the same computing power as top of the line laptops did about 20 years ago. While the phone is turned off, your e-mail won't go to it. W... Read More »

Are computers stupid?

computers are only as stupid as the useryour computer must have its own handi-capped hard drive

What exactly are computers used for?

A computer is not only the box where we do the internet.The ipod is a computer. A digital camera is a computer. Some cell phones are computers. A cable box is a computer. A wide screen LCD TV is a ... Read More »