Forget accuracy, how does Wikipedia rate in quality of writing?

Answer Wikipedia is surprisingly consistent in the quality of its writing. Much of it is quite bland, pedantic even. But to be fair, I also find Britannica bland and I rarely "get sucked into reading enti... Read More »

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Why Does Wikipedia Have a Bad Reputation for Accuracy?

Because only some inaccurate information is edited out "in a timely manner." Ask John Seigenthaler how long it took Wikipedia to correct the hoax "that Seigenthaler had been a suspect in the assass... Read More »

How to Raise Accuracy Rate in Soldier Front?

"Soldier Front" is a free-to-play online first-person shooter game that is known for its competitive multi-player technique. The game tracks many of your stats, including your accuracy rate. Your a... Read More »

There are always warnings about Wikipedia accuracy, yet it seems ok to me?

Wikepedia is generally accurate because people report inaccurate information and change it.That being said, anyone can edit the content and add wrong information, and anyone can add false reference... Read More »

Does Wikipedia pay for writing article?

No, it does not pay anything whatsoever for writing an article. You don't get money. You don't get a byline. You can't use it for self-promotion. Writing articles for Wikipedia is a losing proposit... Read More »