Forensic Firearms Specialist Training?

Answer Forensics firearms specialist training involves instruction in the examination of firearms and firearm evidence for use in criminal investigations. Universities with forensics programs and governme... Read More »

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Forensic Firearms Courses?

When a crime occurs, examiners will analyze the available evidence on-scene then in a laboratory to deduce what happened during the crime and who could be the possible suspect. Students can take se... Read More »

Forensic Firearms Analysis Schools?

A forensic firearms analyst typically works in a crime lab. His job is to use scientific methods to match a bullet to the weapon that fired it. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, ... Read More »

Forensic Specialist Requirements?

As depicted on TV dramas, forensic specialists handle crime scene investigations. Often, they are also trained pathologists, botanists and archaeologists working for national, state and local orga... Read More »

What is a forensic fingerprint specialist?

A forensic fingerprint specialist is an individual who examines fingerprints obtained from crime scenes and murder weapons. Specialists search fingerprint electronic databases to locate matches in ... Read More »