Forensic Accounting Colleges?

Answer The Journal of Forensic Accounting defines the responsibility of a forensic accountant as analyzing and interpreting financial evidence to the courts or layman so it is understood with "scientific ... Read More »

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The Best Colleges for Forensic Accounting?

A forensic accountant uses accounting skills, along with investigative, legal and financial knowledge to expose fraudulent practices among white-collar employees. These specialists generally work a... Read More »

Forensic Accounting Degrees in California Colleges?

Forensic accounting involves the investigation of financial records in an effort to negate fraud allegations or uncover evidence of fraud. The profession relies heavily on accounting ability and kn... Read More »

What is investigative forensic accounting?

Accounting is a broad career industry with jobs in public accounting, management accounting, taxation and forensic accounting. Each type of accounting has specific goals and features for individual... Read More »

When did forensic accounting begin?

Forensic accounting can be dated back to ancient Egypt to those who inventoried a pharaoh's assets. D. Larry Crumbley of Louisiana State University states in the "Journal of Forensic Accounting," "... Read More »