Ford Windstar Maintenance Instructions?

Answer The Ford Windstar minivan not only can carry you back and forth but is ideal for carrying a family or several friends. Like any other model of vehicle, the Ford Windstar requires regular maintenanc... Read More »

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How to Instructions for a Ford Windstar Radiator?

If the radiator on the Ford Windstar leaks or becomes clogged, you must replace it so the vehicle does not overheat. The heads are made of aluminum and warp easily when the engine overheats. You ca... Read More »

How much can a ford windstar tow?

According to the Ford Motor Company, a 2002 Ford Windstar equipped with a 3.8L SPI engine, can pull 2,000 lbs. A Windstar equipped with an SEFI V6 and featuring a Class II towing package can pull 3... Read More »

Can you use 10-40 oil in your Ford Windstar?

On One Hand: It's Not the Recommended WeightFor most temperatures in the United States, 10-30 weight oil is recommended for cars, pickups and minivans, including the Ford Windstar. The 30 stands fo... Read More »

Maintenance Instructions for a Harley?

"Sticking to your maintenance schedule is important to keep your motorcycle safe and trouble free," according to the Harley Davidson Maintenance website. Performing regular maintenance yourself sav... Read More »