Ford Windstar AC Orifice Tube Location?

Answer A Ford Windstar's air conditioning orifice tube is also know as an expansion tube. The component contains a filter and it screens out particles, such as dirt, grit and metal shavings, in the air fr... Read More »

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Where Is the Orifice Tube on a Ford Truck?

The orifice tube on a Ford truck is a hard debris filter for the air conditioning system. If a component in the system fails, the orifice tube prevents the debris from the failure from spreading th... Read More »

The Location of the Picture Vehicle Speed Sensor in a 95 Windstar?

The 1995 Windstar is a front-wheel-drive minivan made and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The vehicle is equipped with a vehicle speed sensor, which aids the Windstar in operating at optima... Read More »

How much can a ford windstar tow?

According to the Ford Motor Company, a 2002 Ford Windstar equipped with a 3.8L SPI engine, can pull 2,000 lbs. A Windstar equipped with an SEFI V6 and featuring a Class II towing package can pull 3... Read More »

Can you use 10-40 oil in your Ford Windstar?

On One Hand: It's Not the Recommended WeightFor most temperatures in the United States, 10-30 weight oil is recommended for cars, pickups and minivans, including the Ford Windstar. The 30 stands fo... Read More »