Ford Windstar AC Orifice Tube Location?

Answer A Ford Windstar's air conditioning orifice tube is also know as an expansion tube. The component contains a filter and it screens out particles, such as dirt, grit and metal shavings, in the air fr... Read More »

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Where Is the Orifice Tube on a Ford Truck?

The orifice tube on a Ford truck is a hard debris filter for the air conditioning system. If a component in the system fails, the orifice tube prevents the debris from the failure from spreading th... Read More »

The Location of the Picture Vehicle Speed Sensor in a 95 Windstar?

The 1995 Windstar is a front-wheel-drive minivan made and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The vehicle is equipped with a vehicle speed sensor, which aids the Windstar in operating at optima... Read More »

Can you use 10-40 oil in your Ford Windstar?

On One Hand: It's Not the Recommended WeightFor most temperatures in the United States, 10-30 weight oil is recommended for cars, pickups and minivans, including the Ford Windstar. The 30 stands fo... Read More »

How to Tune Up a Ford Windstar?

Tuning up your Ford Windstar should be done periodically to ensure that it runs efficiently and properly. If your Ford Windstar is hesitating, idling rough, or if you have noticed that your gas mil... Read More »