Ford Truck Tune-up Specifications?

Answer Ford Motor Company manufactures and assembles lightweight, medium-weight and heavy-duty trucks. Some trucks include the F-150 Series, F-250 Series and Ranger. The truck comes with a variety of engi... Read More »

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1961 Ford Truck Tune-Up Specifications?

The 1961 Ford pickup truck was available with a 223-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine as standard equipment. A larger six-cylinder engine, the 262-cubic-inch, was available as an option, as was the 29... Read More »

Specifications for a 1972 Dodge Truck Tune Up?

Dodge's 1972 light-duty truck lineup was powered by four engines: the 225-cubic-inch (3.7-liter) Slant Six and three V-8s, displacing 318, 360 and 400 cubic inches (5.2, 5.9 and 6.6 liters).

390 Ford Truck Tune-Up Specs?

The 390-cubic-inch "V8" was one of Ford's most popular big-block engines of the 1960s, and was widely used in passengers cars and trucks. Although the 390 was equipped in some high-performance appl... Read More »

Tune Up Specifications for a Ford Mustang 302?

Ford's 302 was first manufactured in 1968 and was installed in the Mustang by the middle of the 1968 production year. The 302 was generally considered to be a reliable engine and straightforward to... Read More »