Ford Truck Headlights Troubleshooting?

Answer Although Ford has several different models of trucks available, the troubleshooting process for practically every Ford vehicle is still the same. The three most common causes for headlights malfunc... Read More »

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87 Ford Truck Troubleshooting?

Ford manufactured several different pickup truck models in 1987. The Ranger, F-150 and F-250 are the most common models. None of 1987 trucks uses a computer diagnostics system, and basic troublesho... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlights on a Ford Truck?

The headlights on a Ford truck need to be adjusted if you have recently replaced them and the new headlights did not come pre-adjusted from the factory. The headlights on your Ford truck will have ... Read More »

Headlights Troubleshooting?

Corrosion, loose connections, blown fuses and bad relays are the most frequent problems with defective headlights. Still, it is a good idea to have on hand your vehicle service manual to help you l... Read More »

Troubleshooting Headlights on a Toyota MR2?

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