Ford Truck 4.6 Intake Torque Specs?

Answer An intake manifold brings the fuel/air mixture into the combustion chamber, where it can be ignited. It attaches to the throttle body on one end and the cylinder head on the other. The cylinder he... Read More »

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Ford 351C Intake Torque Specs?

Ford introduced its 351-cubic-inch, or 5.8-liter, 90-degree, small-block V8 engine in 1962 as a replacement to the Y-block engine. It is also referred to as the Windsor because it was first produce... Read More »

The Torque Specs of a 5.0 Liter Ford Head Intake?

Ford began manufacturing its Windsor V8 engines in 1962 to compete with Chevrolet's small block engines. The most popular of these engines is the 302-cubic-inch displacement, or 5.0-liter, engine, ... Read More »

289 Intake Torque Specs?

Correct torque value for the bolts on a vehicle is important for auto safety. A torque value that should be paid particular attention to is that of the intake manifold bolts. The intake manifold bo... Read More »

350 Chevrolet Intake Torque Specs?

Torque means twisting force; literally, the force you use to tighten a nut, bolt or screw. In an engine, improper bolt torque can mean leaks, blown gaskets and twisted heads. Not following manufact... Read More »