Ford Ranger Engine Troubleshooting?

Answer If you need to troubleshoot a Ford Ranger's engine and you don't know exactly where to start, the on-board diagnostic system can offer a tremendous amount of assistance. The Ranger's diagnostic com... Read More »

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Is the Ford Ranger 2.3-liter engine the same as the engine in the Ford Pinto?

Ford introduced the Pinto engine in 1974. It was used in a variety of vehicles, including the Ford Ranger. Also referred to as the "Lima Engine," because it was produced in Lima, Ohio, it experienc... Read More »

Ford Ranger Pickup Troubleshooting?

The Ford Ranger has been manufactured every year since 1983. The small pickup is designed for fuel economy and light duty applications. It is manufactured in two and four-wheel drive versions and i... Read More »

Troubleshooting Ford Ranger Door Locks?

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2000 Ford Ranger Remote Starter Troubleshooting?

Ford vehicles of all different makes and models are equipped with remote starter system capabilities. Vehicles like the 2000 Ranger allow you to sync your starter to wireless remotes, and you can u... Read More »