Ford Focus Gas Tank Removal?

Answer Often times, the smaller the car is, the more difficult maintenance can be. This holds true for the Ford Focus and its fuel tank. If you must remove the tank from the car for any reason, it takes a... Read More »

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How large is the gas tank in a ford focus?

The Fuel Economy government website reports that the 2009 Ford Focus contains a 13.5-gallon gas tank, which produces a range of 340 miles for a manual, 5-speed transmission with a 2L, 4-cylinder en... Read More »

Ford Focus Oil Pan Removal?

Removing the oil pan for service on your Ford Focus is a straightforward process. Depending on your particular model, however, you might need to remove one or more components to gain complete acces... Read More »

How to Install a Fuel Tank in a Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus is among the more recent additions to Ford's car arsenal. The Focus is considered a worldly car with an international appeal for both American and European buyers. Installing a fuel ... Read More »

Ford Focus Starter Removal?

The starter motor on the Ford Focus is one of the key components to the starting/ignition system. If the starter has to be removed for replacement, you first need to know the type of engine your mo... Read More »