Ford Flathead V8 Specifications History?

Answer Ford introduced the V8 flathead engine in 1932 and greatly changed the automotive landscape in the United States. Cars with the engine were faster than most other cars through the mid-1950s.

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Ford Flathead Performance?

The Ford flathead V8 engine revolutionized the automobile industry by offering a compact, fuel-efficient, powerplant from 1932 to 1953. The flathead V8, so named because the heads were flat, became... Read More »

Flathead Ford Information?

The flathead Ford V-8 popularized the use of V-8 engines later adopted by the Ford Motor Company's competitors. For instance, Chevrolet ultimately developed the small-block and big-block V-8s, and ... Read More »

How to Identify the Ford Flathead V8?

The Ford Flathead V-8 engine powered Ford and Mercury vehicles from 1932 to 1954. The Ford Flathead is a valve-in-block engine and the valves open adjacent to the combustion chamber, rather than fr... Read More »

Where was the Ford V8 Flathead invented?

According to Old Car Haven, Henry Ford invented the Ford Flathead V8 engine in 1932 in his Detroit, Michigan plant. Based on reports found on, a website that provides snapshots o... Read More »