Ford F650 Truck Specs?

Answer Introduced by Ford in 2000, the F-650 is a commercial sized, Class 6/7, heavy-duty truck, meaning that its gross vehicle weight rating, or the maximum total mass allowable for the vehicle, is 19,50... Read More »

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390 Ford Truck Tune-Up Specs?

The 390-cubic-inch "V8" was one of Ford's most popular big-block engines of the 1960s, and was widely used in passengers cars and trucks. Although the 390 was equipped in some high-performance appl... Read More »

Ford Light Truck Specs?

The Ford Ranger is a popular light-duty truck that was introduced to the American car-buying public in 1983. The Ranger came to fruition as Mazda, which was partially owned by Ford, quit producing ... Read More »

Ford Truck Fluid Specs?

If the engine of a Ford truck is thought of as the vehicle's "heart," then the fluids used in the vehicle could easily be likened to the lifeblood of the machine. The owner's manual of every Ford t... Read More »

1941 Ford Truck Specs?

The Ford Motor Company produced its first line of cars in 1903. In 1941, their trucks had an optional six-cylinder engine that provided more torque and better fuel economy than the standard V-8 ava... Read More »