Ford F150 Brake Problems?

Answer The Ford F-150 is a truck that has identified brake problems associated with various models. The 2006 model, for instance, has three types of brake problems that were reported by F-150 owners, maki... Read More »

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How to Tell If the Brake Booster on a Ford F150 Is Bad?

Your Ford F-150 comes equipped with a power brake system, which includes a booster, vacuum hose and fittings. This system greatly increases the pressure you can apply to the brake pedal when slowin... Read More »

How to Install Brake Pads on a Ford F150?

Replacing the brake pads on your Ford F150 is part of the disc-brake maintenance schedule. This will ensure proper braking and operation of the brake system. Some F150 models come equipped with fro... Read More »

How To Change the Brake Pads on a Ford F150?

The F-150 is a 1/2-ton pickup manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. It comes standard with disc brakes on the front wheels. Disc brakes work by having two brake pads press against a disc that spi... Read More »

How to Install a Brake Rotor on a Ford F150?

Ford F150 pickup trucks were manufactured with front disk brakes after 1980, and the pads and rotors can wear down and require replacement after several years of use. The rotor can warp from temper... Read More »