Ford F-750 Specs?

Answer When the Ford Motor Co. sought to improve its standing in the world of medium-duty commercial vehicles, according to, it released the 2008 edition of the F-750. With several ... Read More »

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Ford 4.6L Specs?

Ford dropped a bombshell on the domestic V-8 market when it introduced the Modular engine in 1991. The "mod" motor represented a quantum leap ahead of Ford's old Windsor standby; it became the most... Read More »

Ford 302 Cam Specs?

Ford Motor Company's iconic 302 motor was introduced in 1964. It was a V8 made by adding the cylinder heads of Ford's Cleveland motor to the four-bolt block of the Ford Windsor motor. The heads in ... Read More »

Ford 292 Specs?

The Ford 292 is a type of internal combustion engine that was introduced in Ford's Thunderbird and Montclair vehicles in 1955. It was discontinued in 1964. The "292" refers to its size, indicating ... Read More »

Ford 450 Specs?

The F-450 is part of Ford's "Super Duty" series and is a formidable contender in the world of commercial pickup trucks. The F-450 is available with an optional "High Capacity Trailer Tow" package t... Read More »