Ford Expedition Options?

Answer The Ford Expedition is a full-size sport utility vehicle that debuted in 1997. Since that time, Ford has sought to improve the engineering and options for this SUV. In 2011, there were eight differ... Read More »

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The Difference Between the Ford Expedition XLT & the Ford Expedition?

The Ford Expedition is the a large SUV, with the XL and XLT being the two models at the lower end of the scale. The XL is the base model among the eight models of Expedition. Most of the difference... Read More »

How to Get a New Key for a 99 Ford Expedition?

The 1999 Ford Expedition comes standard with a passive anti-theft system Ford calls "PATS," that incorporates a computer chip-equipped key to cut down on vehicle theft. Ford codes the chip inside t... Read More »

How to Add Refrigerant to the AC on a Ford Expedition?

When your Ford Expedition’s air conditioner begins to emit warm air instead of cool and takes a long time to cool the inside of the vehicle, it may be time to recharge the air conditioner with re... Read More »

Ford Expedition Styles?

The Ford Expedition was introduced in 1997 to replace the Ford Bronco and originally was not the largest SUV in Ford's lineup. Ford discontinued production of the Excursion in 2005, making the Expe... Read More »