Ford Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting?

Answer Typical problems caused by a faulty ignition module include inaccurate timing advance and retard, hot engine stalling and no starts. The Ford EEC 4 TFI module was located on the side of the distrib... Read More »

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Chevy Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting?

Chevrolet is among many automobile manufacturers that feature electronic key systems with many of their vehicles. These systems provide extra security for your vehicle, and once you program a key, ... Read More »

Distributorless Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting?

Distibutor-less ignition systems have been around for a while now and, for the most part, have proven to be reliable. However, when they do malfunction, it can be difficult to troubleshoot them wit... Read More »

Ford Electronic Transmission Troubleshooting?

The electronic transmission in a Ford vehicle is part of the electronic control module (ECM), a computer that controls the transmission and other systems. When an error code comes through the compu... Read More »

How to Convert a Ford to Electronic Ignition?

Fords made from the late-1920s through the mid-1970s used a contact breaker ignition system. This used a set of points installed within the distributor that were operated mechanically by an engine-... Read More »