Ford Distributor Specs?

Answer The purpose of an engine's distributor is to deliver an electric charge from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. The igniting voltage to the spark plugs is delivered in a specific sequence. Witho... Read More »

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Ford 302 Distributor Timing Specs?

Introduced in 1962, Ford's Windsor small block is perhaps second in popularity and production numbers to the Chevrolet small block. While the Windsor block was also offered in 351-cubic-inch config... Read More »

PerTronix Distributor Specs?

A distributor, a device located within your vehicle's ignition, spreads the vehicle's electrical charge to the correct cylinder. PerTronix Performance Products creates automotive equipment, includi... Read More »

How to Wire a Ford Distributor?

If your Ford begins to misfire and the spark plugs have been tested but appear to be fully operational, it may be time to change your distributor. The distributor is responsible for routing voltage... Read More »

How to Connect the Distributor Cap on a Ford F-150?

When replacing spark plugs, wires or the cap and rotor on a Ford F-150, always label the wires and mark the cap so you know how to connect the cap. If you connect the wires in the wrong order the v... Read More »