Ford Contour Timing Belt Installation?

Answer A timing belt connects the crankshaft of a car engine to the camshaft. It synchronizes the camshaft to the crankshaft so the engine valves will open and close at the proper time. The timing belt wi... Read More »

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How to Replace the Timing Belt on a Ford Contour?

If you check the maintenance schedule for your Ford Contour, you will not see anything about the timing belt until 120,000 miles. However, many other manufacturers recommend replacing the timing be... Read More »

How to Change the 1998 Ford Contour Timing Belt?

While the manufacturer has not recommended a mileage interval for changing the timing belt on a 1998 Ford Contour, experienced technicians recommend changing the belt at 60,000 miles, according to ... Read More »

How to Change the Timing Belt on a 1995 Through 1997 2.0 Ford Contour?

The OEM (Ford) has not recommended a timing-belt replacement interval for the 1995 through 1997 Ford Contour 2.0 engine. Typical trade practice suggests that, as a precaution, the timing belt shoul... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Broken Timing Belt on a 1998 Contour?

The 1998 Ford Contour was a mid-size sedan that was sold in North America from 1995 to 2000. There were a variety of trim levels produced, all of which either had a 2.0 L inline-4 cylinder or a 2.5... Read More »