Ford Code P0123?

Answer Modern vehicles use on-board diagnostic computers to monitor vehicle function, and activate the warning light on the dashboard when a problem is detected. Fords manufactured after 1995 are scannabl... Read More »

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Help! My ford fiesta radio code isn't working. Bought used. Must be wrong code. Serial number is M19 3641.?

Ford Code 656?

Whether you are a mechanic or a vehicle owner interested in do-it-yourself repair, understanding Ford diagnostic trouble codes -- DTCs -- is a must. DTCs are numerical codes that correspond with a ... Read More »

Ford OBD-II Code 320?

Like all cars today, Ford uses on-board diagnostics to help identify faults in car performance. Some of the codes are generic and common to all cars; others are codes specific to Ford's use for its... Read More »

Ford F-150 Code 556?

Modern cars and trucks have computers that control the vehicle's major systems. These computers send diagnostic codes that inform mechanics of any problems. Ford F-150 codes range from 11 (system p... Read More »