Ford Code P0012?

Answer The P0012 error code on your Ford indicates a malfunction with the "A" camshaft timing, specifically, it is over-retarded. When the P0012 error code is shown, the check engine light will also be i... Read More »

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Help! My ford fiesta radio code isn't working. Bought used. Must be wrong code. Serial number is M19 3641.?

Ford 133 Code?

An error code P0133 on your Ford vehicle indicates there is an issue with the air fuel ratio in the engine. While this error is unlikely to cause any drivability issues, it may cause problems with ... Read More »

Ford OBD-II Code 320?

Like all cars today, Ford uses on-board diagnostics to help identify faults in car performance. Some of the codes are generic and common to all cars; others are codes specific to Ford's use for its... Read More »

Ford F-150 Code 556?

Modern cars and trucks have computers that control the vehicle's major systems. These computers send diagnostic codes that inform mechanics of any problems. Ford F-150 codes range from 11 (system p... Read More »