Ford 7.5L Torque Specifications?

Answer Until 2000, the 7.5 liter V8 engine was the largest gasoline engine that Ford manufactured. While it was used extensively in the manufacturer's larger luxury vehicles and pickup trucks, it was popu... Read More »

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Torque Specifications for a 1991 Ford 4.0?

Ford released two different vehicles featuring a 4.0 liter engine for the 1991 model year. These autos, the Explorer and Aerostar, have different torque specifications despite having similar engine... Read More »

Torque Specifications for the 2007 Ford Focus?

The 2007 Ford Focus is available as both a hatchback and a sedan. Among the different hatchback and sedan versions are the S, SE, SES and ST editions. The 2007 Focus first retailed between $13,000 ... Read More »

Rocker Torque Specifications for a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L?

The rocker arms in a 2000 Ford Ranger transfer camshaft movement to valve movement, which control the inlet and exhaust of gasses into each cylinder. Given the fast operating speed of the camshaft,... Read More »

Specifications for Head Torque on 1999 2.0 Ford Escort?

When installing the head on a 2.0 1999 Ford Escort, you must bolt the head down in a certain order and to a specific tightness. Otherwise, it will not seal to the engine block.