Forcing people into the navy is called?

Answer The practice is called "Shanghaiing"; in the days of sailing vessels, ship Boarding Masters (responsible for finding able bodies for their ships) would literally kidnap much needed manpower from th... Read More »

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Forcing sailors to serve in another navy?

Pressgang was forcing ordinary people in a port onto a boat to be sailors.

Why is Old Navy called Old Navy?

Old Navy was named after a cafe in Paris, France.

Why is the Navy called the Navy?

The term "Navy" is from the Latin word "Navis", meaning a ship, vessel, or boat. The definition of a "Navy" is a collection, or fleet, of ships, vessels, or boats.

What do army people call navy people?

Navy people, sailors.. there's some instances of the term "squid" being used, but that one's a bit more commonly used by the Marines, who have a lot more interaction with the Navy than Army personn... Read More »