Force boxes to top and bottom on wikis?

Answer If you, or someone else on your wiki, has Windows (or can use Wine on Linux or Mac OS), the simplest solution is probably to just use AutoWikiBrowser (<… ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Force in the Bottom of a Container?

The liquid in a container exerts a downward force as a result of gravity. The pressure at the bottom of the container that the liquid creates is a product of the liquid's density, its depth and gra... Read More »

Proceedes from a cookie sale totaled 50.50 on 36 boxes sold some boxes sold for 1.25 and some for 1.50 each how many boxes were sold at 1.25?

As a person dives toward the bottom of a swimming pool the pressure increases noticeably Does the buoyant force also increase Justify your answer Neglect any change in water density with depth?

The reason why things float is that gravity addresses only the mass regardless the volume. so when a person dives deep, although he moves away the same volume, the buoyant force increases because t... Read More »

You have Direct TV with three receiver boxes Can you take one of your boxes and buy an extra dish and watch programming at another location?

June 1994 - Direct TV was launched March 1996 - Dish Network was launched