For women with breast implants (serious question)?

Answer I don't have anything helpful to add. I just wanted to say good luck. I've thought about getting a lift since pregnancy and beastfeeding did bad things to mine. I would also like to have my enormou... Read More »

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If you have breast implants and believe you are pregnant should you be concerned that you have no breast tenderness or soreness even though other pregnancy symptoms are present?

No cause for alarm It is unlikely that the lack of soreness is due to the implants, but even if that were the case, it is not cause for alarm. In fact, consider it a blessing. It could be that ex... Read More »

A Question For Women Who Put Breast Feeding Pictures Online?

I agree with you - a little tact and sensitivity never hurt anyone. Now I understand that women shouldn't be upset that they failed, logically, but yet again I will remind everyone of this fact;POS... Read More »

Can breast implants save you from getting breast cancer?

Are brazilian women really the most women to use butt implants allot?

No their butts are natural. They tend to have genetically bigger things and butts. It's just genetics. I think white women are the ones who go through the most plastic surgery to get implants. I re... Read More »