For whites people only?

Answer i didnt understand anything that you wrote? Are you speaking english?But based on everyones answers, your talking about the Flaming Hot Cheetos? Those are awesome! Im white, i love em! Us whites... Read More »

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How did people whip egg whites without electricity?

The trick to whipping egg whites to perfection is incorporating lots of air bubbles into the mixture. Through the years, cooks have become adept at doing this using a variety of different methods.C... Read More »

How to Get Whites White?

Over time, clothes inevitably become soiled and worn, which usually results in the owner having to thoroughly clean, throw away or donate the articles. This is especially true with whites as they a... Read More »

Can egg whites be unrefrigerated?

Eggs are perishable and may contain bacteria that cause foodborne illness. Accordingly, temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended to prevent or slow bacterial growth. Although egg wh... Read More »

How to Fold in Egg Whites?

Folding egg whites into a cake batter for an angel food cake (shown here), a souffle or extra fluffy waffles takes a little practice. The egg whites are incorporated for making a fluffier, lighter ... Read More »