For whites people only?

Answer i didnt understand anything that you wrote? Are you speaking english?But based on everyones answers, your talking about the Flaming Hot Cheetos? Those are awesome! Im white, i love em! Us whites... Read More »

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How did people whip egg whites without electricity?

The trick to whipping egg whites to perfection is incorporating lots of air bubbles into the mixture. Through the years, cooks have become adept at doing this using a variety of different methods.C... Read More »

Why do people only think breastfeeding is only good for a while?

Lack of education.Willful ignorance.I was only 19 when our daughter was born. I knew NOTHING about breastfeeding at the time. But I knew with every fiber of my being that it was the right thing t... Read More »

Why do people consider only people who have fair skin colour as beautiful ?

What the?I don't know where you've been reading this but by my opinion, you're definately wrong. It's not about the colour of your skin, it's about beauty, if you're being superficial, that is. Bea... Read More »

Why do people use only one headphone?

Check the head phone port in the radio.Did you insert any other head phone jacks inside that port.It would have been jammed inside.Try inserting another head phone.