For what amount of time should one continue to wear retainers after braces?

Answer It is recommended that you wear them while you sleep for the rest of your life. You should get your dentist to check the fit when you have your teeth cleaned.

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I just got my braces off 2 weeks ago and got my retainers a week ago, can I not wear them to school?

You teeth will probably not shift significantly if you skip wearing your retainers at school. I have stopped wearing mine for two months with little movement, but the change from my braces was mini... Read More »

Are retainers after braces really necessary?

Hi,Do you need retainers after braces ? Yes, you do. If you are so patient to get the braces done, might as well spend the time in wearing retainers. From all of the other answerers testimonies you... Read More »

Do people always need retainers after braces?

On One Hand: Yes, Teeth and Gums Need Time to SetTeeth that have recently been held in place by braces may shift more easily and can move out of position. To prevent this, retainers are used to gen... Read More »

How Long Should You Wear a Retainer After Braces?

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