For those who love to run.....?

Answer I started running alongside my mom when I was about 9 years old, even doing Jr. Optimist Track meets and running 10Ks. 20 plus years later I'm still pounding the pavement, the dirt and the the trai... Read More »

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How to Be Devoted to Those You Love?

There is a true story of a dog who sat at a railroad station daily waiting for his master. Even after his master died he sat there every day for nine years. There is a statue now at the station of ... Read More »

Wouldn't you just love to punch those girls on MTV's Sweet Sixteen?

Absolutely...but in the end, I think that they will get punished just by being spoilt. As a kid, they were lucky that their parents were rich. But, when they are out on their own, they will be pen... Read More »

In an I love Lucy episode Ethel says you don't buy 16 shoes for comfort you buy them for looks How much would those 16 be in todays rates?

Since I'm not sure exactly which episode this came from (if you know please do tell) we'll assume that the year would be 1951, the year "I Love Lucy" started. According to the inflation calculator ... Read More »

There are 10 different types of people - Those who understand Binary, and those who do not. Am I right?