For those who have read THE CHINA STUDY...?

Answer I didn't change my diet after perusing it since I'd already been a long term veghead when it was released. What makes it so valuable is that is *has* withstood not only the initial independent peer... Read More »

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How to Learn Study Habits Again and How to Study & Remember What I Read?

Once you are away from formal education for a while, study habits fade. But, like swimming or riding a bicycle, they can be relearned quickly. Adult learners are more self-motivated and serious abo... Read More »

How to Study in China?

Tsinghua University is one of China's bestChina's educational opportunities are advancing at a rapid pace. In the past, many students went to China to study language, art, dance, martial arts or Tr... Read More »

The China Study: What's your opinion of it?

How to Study English in China?

English is not the native language in China. Although many Chinese want to improve their English level to the amount needed in daily work, it's very hard when only a few people speak English around... Read More »