For those unemployed folks out there?

Answer Go to college. Do an Access course. Great fun, and beneficial. I'm doing one right now and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable, and I will be starting university next september. You can get an... Read More »

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There are 10 different types of people - Those who understand Binary, and those who do not. Am I right?

Is there a grant for unemployed, part-time college students over the age of 19?

Yes, Adult learning grant. Ask your college

Is there a difference in pay for those who speak Spanish& those who speak English?

On One Hand: Some Spanish Speakers Are Paid LessStudies conducted by New York University's Urban Research Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found that there are indeed pay differences b... Read More »

Hello there awesome photography folks! I am hoping to do some low-light shots with my Canon 350D?

You'll want a lens with a large max aperture (I'd say at least f/2.8; faster is better, though). But what focal length do you need? In other words, how far away will you be from your subject? Also,... Read More »