For those on the wagon...what other outlets for stress & flavour are there?

Answer (((Toke))) Replace it with papaya juice. Or stay busy sp'ing

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How to Pigtail Outlets?

If an outlet has six wires (two black, two white and two ground) entering into its wall box, it is necessary to pigtail the two ground wires; that is, attach a new section of ground wire to the exi... Read More »

How to Tile Around Outlets?

Many home tiling jobs will require you to work your tile around existing electrical outlets and switch plates. Bathrooms and kitchens will have 1 or more outlets that must be incorporated in this w... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot GFI Outlets?

GFI outlets -- also known as GFCI for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter -- are receptacles that have an individual circuit breaker that reacts very quickly by shutting off when there is a short, pow... Read More »

How do I cut tile around outlets?

Unscrew the outlet cover plate, exposing the hole in the wall surrounding the outlet.Place a tile at the edge of the hole in the wall, overlapping the adjacent tiles. Mark the tile at the overlap t... Read More »