For the people who answer questions in the diabetes section, where you do get your diabetes knowledge from?

Answer With desperation being the primary motivator: Nearly five years of intense research from all sorts of resources.... Books, Internet sites/forums, asking other diabetics and doctors about it, taking... Read More »

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Can people with diabetes answer my survey?

1. Type one just to clarify i am not fat and did not get diabetes because i am fat2. I got it when i was 9 i am now 15 so a little over 6 years3. Noone knows me n my twin bro are the only people in... Read More »

Will gestational diabetes cause a c section?

Questions about diabetes?

Those readings are really not extremely high. In fact, considering the higher numbers are after having eaten, I don't see a problem at all. However should those numbers skyrocket into the 200's, ... Read More »

I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am?

Yes. You can live a normal ,healthy life if you control the diabetes.