For the kind-hearted only ?

Answer Thanks for sharing, I've got it circulating around my office now!

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How to Become a Kind Hearted Prom Queen?

Do you want to become prom queen and change your life around? To be prom queen you have to be down to earth and friendly. Think about the people who are less fortunate than you. Be the best prom qu... Read More »

What's the most kind-hearted way I can let my girlfriend know that homeopathic medicine is mostly bullsiht?

Make her a nice cup of echinacea tea and then give her the boot. Do you really want a wacko like that cutting cutting into your drinking time?

How to Be Cold Hearted?

Despite your best efforts to be strong, he/she has broken your heart once again. After a tear soaked night of wallowing in self-pity you have decided that enough is enough. You must subtract him/he... Read More »

Vegetarians are cold hearted murderers?

Plants dont feel pain, they have no brain or pain receptors. It takes more plants to produce meat because animals have to be fed tons of plants to produce food for you. Vegans eat plants directly f... Read More »