For such a system will be enough power supply to 500W?

Answer Should be fine, as long as there's at least one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector. Also, I wouldn't overclock this rig at all - you're cutting it mighty fine with the power requirements here.

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Will a 500w power supply be enough?

Yes. It will be enough because you have only an one 6pin power connector on 550 Ti. And your motherboard also needs only small amount of power. But if you have more than 1 hard drive or optical dri... Read More »

Is the OCZ CoreXStream series 500w power supply sufficiant and reliable enough to run my radeon 6850 + fx4170?

I wouldn't go with an ocz power supply especially not one this cheap.low quality power supplies blow up,and take the rest of your pc with it,don't buy a shitty cheap one.think of it this way,they m... Read More »

What is a capacity uninterruptible power supply system?

An uninterruptible power supply system provides continuous power in the event of an outage from your electric company. The capacity of the system refers to the amount of wattage it can sustain.Refe... Read More »

What type of power supply connector is used to supply power to the floppy drive?

The power connectors for floppy drives come from the same four-wire bundle that powers all of the other internal IDE drives. Older 5.25" floppy drives connect via the standard four-socket D-shaped ... Read More »