For smokers: whats the best type of cigarettes to smoke in your opinion?

Answer I like any brand that can give me cancer, make me smell like a stale ashtray, and irritate nonsmokers.

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Whats the best type of cigarettes that are smooth & strong?

American spirits light blue. pack roll the cig. between your finger n lossen it up a bit for best flavor.will probably be light headed half way threw save the rest for next time you need a smoke. ... Read More »

Smokers only please: Best cigarettes for starting smoking?

I' m not saying I approve of this, but if you are going to start you might as well be informed loleither start on light cigarettes or mild blends. camel's are good ones because they are also a more... Read More »

Whats the best virus fighter software(In your opinion)?

For virus protection, it's clearly Symantec/Norton.For Spyware, I'd say it's a combination of Spybot - Search & Destroy and MS Windows Defender. The good news is both of these are free.

In your opinion whats the best system out their: The wii, Xbox360, or Ps3?

Well I would have to say at this present time in gaming history the best system out there would have to be the xbox 360.I only say this because I know for a fact that Halo 3 can only be used on the... Read More »