For shots, do you prefer your VODKA at room temperature or chilled?

Answer If straight, in the freezer.Vodka goes with a variety of fruit juices, particularly citrus. Vodka and lemonade with a sugared rim on the glass is called a lemon drop. Vodka and grapefruit juice is ... Read More »

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Is red wine supposed to be served chilled or room temperature?

I'd have to side with Pimpy on this one. All red wine is supposed to be served on the tracks at an outdoor temperature.Just remember...the first glass is the hardest. It gets easier with every gl... Read More »

How much are vodka shots in Vodka Revolution bars?

Give them a ring and ask.Collingwood Street,NE1 1JF Newcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomToday 11:30 am - 2:00 amPhone +44 191 261 8901

How many shots of vodka normally gets you drunk?

4 shots of Smirnoff, gets me pretty gone. I'm a young, girl, that's only 5'0 and 120 pounds, with an already low tolerance though. not a big drinker anyway.-answer my question, if you feel like it-... Read More »

How many shots of vodka to get drunk?

Please bear in mind, that for me, I seem to be Minbari, and that ANY alcohol will provoke an instant, and rather powerful reaction in me. Utter frickkin' psychosis. Bear that in mind, when you tr... Read More »