For music players, what does highs, mid, and lows mean?

Answer They are to describe your frequency ranges. Bass is the low thuds and highs are singing and everything else is in the middle.....well more or less. These headphones should be fine for pop but what ... Read More »

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Why are my subs squeaking when the lows hit?

Are you driving it too hard? How much is the cone moving? Does it look like it's trying to jump out of the basket? Barring any of that, make sure all the screws are tight on the driver, any buil... Read More »

How to Make Music Files Fit on MP3 Players?

Portable music fans know it's all about having access to as much music as possible at all times. It's not enough to have a couple of your current favorite albums on demand: the wider a range of mus... Read More »

Social Effects of Music Players?

Portable MP3 players are an intrinsic part of modern culture. Commuters plug them into car stereo systems or don them on the subway during their morning commutes. Students dance to them on the bus ... Read More »

Do mp3 players play music out loud?

They can, if you hook them to external speakers, or an FM transmitting device.