For men with dentures, please answer this touchy question?

Answer Tell him to either stop over-reacting or cook for himself, because his dentures aren't THAT sensitive. A cucumber is a cucumber and it won't hurt dentures. He should have received a list of foods h... Read More »

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Would those with dentures please answer my questions?

1. It is normal for some fluid to get under a denture. If it is too much, he made need a reline where the tissue side of the denture is replaced with some new acrylic. It is normal for that to be... Read More »

Please answer this question?

Does Saki Sterling means blossoming little stars? If yes,then I like it and I like orange kids too and kids garden also.

ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?

nothing tell them to gas ya. im jeaolus i need one of those tanks at my bedside

Please answer this question Pimples?

First make sure its not an in grown hair cause those can cause pimples and once you either pop it and or pull the hair out (which it does hurt im not going to lie) but usually once that is done it ... Read More »