For how long do recovering alcoholics go to AA Is it a lifelong program?

Answer Conventional wisdom says that recovery is a lifelong process, that an alcoholic is an alcoholic for life. People who haven't had a drink for 30 years still refer to themselves as "recovering".Howev... Read More »

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Gift Ideas for Recovering Alcoholics?

For the recovering alcoholic, the world is a changed place. A whole new lifestyle is emerging and each situation brings a new challenge. In early recovery, the alcoholic is sometimes lacking in soc... Read More »

Question for recovering alcoholics What advice would you give someone as to what they can do daily to keep?

simpleDon't Drink, Go to meetings, Read the book, Get a sponsor, Do the steps, Work with others.Page 86 of the book has a good way to start and end your day.Sober since 93

What long-term after care in recommended for recovering orchiectomy patients?

Long-term aftercare for patients with testicular cancer includes frequent checkups in addition to radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Patients with prostate cancer may be given various hormonal th... Read More »

Is HPV lifelong?

According to the Center for Disease Control, 90 percent of HPV cases clear up on their own, without the patient being aware of the problem. There is no actual cure for the virus itself, but there a... Read More »